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Four-person package


Contents of dishes: cold cucumber,

cold agaric, 

white-boiled shrimp, 

soup (4 places), 

signature roast duck, 

shredded pork pot with noodles,

Sichuan-flavored pot meat, 

eggplant braised beans, 

vegetables in soup
Business hours: 10:30-14:00 noon; 17:30-21:00 PM
Purchase Rules: Sweep-code booking, after successful purchase, open the Wechat Card package - my tickets find four people set meal exchange vouchers, go to the store to cancel.
Reservation telephone: 25062299 to 6
Dining Address: Western Restaurant, Building 1, Yalan Hotel, 92 Yanmei Road, Dameisha, Yantian District, Shenzhen