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Healthy and Comfortable Sleep Culture

Established in Hong Kong in 1966, Yalan Group is dedicated to producing and selling high-quality mattresses and bedding with the goal of "providing the most comfortable, healthy and high-quality bedding for consumers". Adhering to the persistent spirit of Yalan Group's brand for over 50 years of high-quality service, all hotel rooms'mattresses and bedding are selected from the high-quality products of Yalan Group of Hong Kong. After more than 40 years of continuous efforts, Yalan Group presents elaborate, elegant and comfortable household products, so that people who pay attention to the quality of life can enjoy them easily. Unmatched by the quality of sleep, so that a harmonious and natural life has a lasting!

The quality sleep project of Yalan Hotel aims to provide guests with the ultimate sleep experience of physical and mental relaxation. The hotel also set up Yalan Bedding Store, so that guests can experience the hotel's healthy and comfortable bedding, and "take home" quality sleep.

In order to provide more comfortable and pleasant living and parking environment for guests, the hotel upgraded the overall equipment and facilities in 2012. Upgraded hotel, interior decoration style incorporates natural vocabulary, absorbs the pure elements of nature, integrates the hardness of reefs, the softness of beaches, the tranquility of the seabed, the surge of water waves, the flexibility of living things, the leap of waves... With the original tension, infinite novelty and creativity into the space. In which, you can feel the strong seaside holiday atmosphere, let people's soul to shore, experience the real coastal holiday life.

Enthusiasm and considerate service culture

The Hotel advocates the service concept of "people-oriented, satisfaction + surprise". Every employee practices Yalan corporate culture from the first day of his employment, serving guests with full enthusiasm and cordial smile at all times. Always provide customers with high quality products of value for money, and exceed the expectations of customers.